Just two friends traveling Texas and beyond ...

A Sunny Day in Shiner


We drove all the way to Shiner, Texas to visit the Spoetzl Brewery, home of Shiner beer, but that’s not why we hung out there for hours. 


The brewery tour only took fifteen minutes.  Our visit to a downtown shop called Antiques, Art and Beer took much longer.


First, let me say that we have to go back again soon, because we didn’t meet the shop owner, Beverly Sanders.  Everyone we met in this part of the world mentioned both the shop and Beverly in the same breath.  Evidently, not meeting her detracts from the experience, but we have no complaints.  This place is amazing!



We found Elvis …





And Marilyn …





And Santa Claus





And a place that welcomes hunters …


There are conflicting reports on the number of beer varieties they carry, but let us say we think 150 may be low.  They have a great selection of wine too. 

 The shop is dimly lit, and there is stuff everywhere.  You are literally surrounded by interesting, little things. It’s all for sale.  Low stools line a drugstore-style counter on the right side of the store.  Everyone at the counter, visits with everyone else at the counter.  It’s all very social.  Leaving doesn’t cross your mind, so you order another and visit some more. 

We shared the space with the owners of The Moravia Store, a popular bar and gathering place housed in an 1889-vintage, two-story saloon.  People have been hanging out there for over a hundred and twenty five years.  On Friday and Saturday, they serve burgers, fries and onion rings.  And they have a dancehall too, but you need to call if you want to dance and find out what’s scheduled.  They are located in Moravia, Texas (of course) and they’re closed on Tuesdays and Sundays.  (361-772-1954)

We also met relatives of the McIntoshs who own The Rehmet House Bed and Breakfast in Moulton, Texas.  Moulton is nine miles from Shiner, our next stop.  It was handy having our new friends call ahead for us.


Antiques, Art and Beer is so chocked full of interesting stuff that shopping could take all day.  If you visit, block some major time for this place.  We suggest you buy fudge before you leave.  Be sure and get a variety made with beer.   We bought the chocolate-pecan with Rogue Stout.  The chocolate-coconut-beer fudge looked amazing too. 


Shiner Market Days are the third weekend in March.   March is a busy month for us with flowers blooming all over the state, but if we can, we are headed back to Shiner to meet Beverly and try the coconut beer fudge.


We think you should visit too!